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 Elastic Water.

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PostSubject: Elastic Water.   Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:51 pm

My first post! Yay!

To compete with Techsieryus thread of Hydrogen fueled cars.

Japanese found out how they can make Elastic water.
Seek out the following links.

Click me 1
Click me 2
Click me 3
Click me 4

Yes, but I have seen the actual show on NHK in J-Tech.

I am not well versed with Physical chemistry.

What I do know is that there similar material called Hydrogel.

Well, gel is a semi-solid substances. It is barely viscous but not highly fluid if left undisturbed.

Elastic water is more solid, but as the name suggest, it is elastic - it is bendable.

As the links says. It can be used as an alternative to other artificial polymers(Polythene, polyvinylchloride, Buna-S and etc). I am not sure if it is capable of handling the load, but of course we all look out for eco-friendly everyday materials, no?

What I really did see in the show, is that they used it in artificial farms. When you hear artificial farm, you think of greenhouses and artificial fertilizers. No, they are not like that.

These artificial(well, in the show they showed Tomatoes)farms are indoors, away from sunlight - they used sunlamps for that. As for the soil, they used the Elastic Water encasing normal water and minerals. The plants are dug into the elastic water, and absorbing minerals from the encased water, and getting sunlight from the sunlamps.

What really baffled me is the shape of the Tomato. It shone like plastic, and looked like(the shape) strawberry, small and ovally. Unlike the ordinary tomato, which is bulky and mandarin-like in shape.

(The whole thing was a Japanese project of making underground complexes of Shopping malls, apartments, farms and what not)


So, what do you think of this? Do you like the idea?

(I find it funny - will all the threads in the science section covers Eco-friendly substitutes? Very Happy )

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Elastic Water.
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