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 Backstage News On Surprises For 1,000th Raw

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PostSubject: Backstage News On Surprises For 1,000th Raw   Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:39 am

While some high profile names such as The Rock and Mick Foley have
publicly acknowledged or been advertised to be apart of the historic
episode, there are many others who remain a mystery.

A source said that Vince McMahon is not holding anything back for this
show. The source made mention that literally anybody was on the table as
a possibility saying, “Vince is forgetting about politics, personal
issues, any heat guys might have with each other and wants this to be

When I asked more questions about McMahon's mindset of not holding
back, I was given examples of if Bret Hart hadn't already resolved his
issues with McMahon and WWE years ago – Vince would have gone to any
lengths to make sure Hart was involved in the 1,000th episode.

Another example given to me was Macho Man Randy Savage. The source said
despite all the rumors that are out there regarding Macho Man's
relationship with WWE, if the great Macho Man Randy Savage was still
alive, McMahon would have not held back on agreeing to whatever it took
to get a surprise like Savage on the show in some fashion.

We also learned WWE management has a list of certain people they are
expecting to be on the show but want them kept as unadvertised
surprises. They are instructing these talents to do “anything and
everything” to keep from the surprise of their appearance being
spoiled. This includes having the surprise talents promoting that they
will be somewhere else during the time of the 1,000th Raw, publicly
saying they won't be there or just refusing to acknowledge the episode

The source went on to say with a bit of laughter, that with how
secretive WWE is instructing talents to try and keep things, that if
someone is openly denying their booked to be at the huge Raw episode,
“its almost as if that translates into a guarantee they will have some
part in the show and are better off not saying anything at all.”

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Backstage News On Surprises For 1,000th Raw
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