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 JR Blog: Will Austin, Batista or Goldberg Return?

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PostSubject: JR Blog: Will Austin, Batista or Goldberg Return?   Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:42 pm

Jim Ross has posted a new blog.Below are some highlights:

I get these Tweets daily, will steve austin or Goldberg
ever return to WWE? I'm wondering why those asking don't Tweet the
talents themselves. Not everyone that has had a wrestling career wants
to return to the grind. It's not that glamorous. Same goes for Dave Bautista who's also building a film career.

I strongly dislike this unflattering trait that many in our
society have. Perhaps that's why acting, for some wrestlers, is a viable
alternative for performers leaving the business. Society isn't geared
to afford many other opportunities for former wrestlers without them
having a marketable skill set and especially without an education.

Past their prime wrestlers who still won't look in the mirror and
admit that they blew their earnings by doing no financial planning
including paying their taxes. Paying quarterly means paying four times
per year not once very twenty five years. Same goes for other 'I had it
all and lost it athletes' who lived beyond their means.

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JR Blog: Will Austin, Batista or Goldberg Return?
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