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 Final Fantasy XIV

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy XIV   Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:10 pm

Oh Final Fantasy how I love thee. The series that solidified my love for gaming is taking another venture into the MMO world with Final Fantasy XIV. Famitsu sat down with two of the games producers, Tanaka and Komoto, to talk about what could be expected. Here is a run down of what was said.

* Eorzea is FF14 setting. Hai-de-rin is the world that the Eorzea region exists in.
* A high-fantasy style setting, more modern setting.
* A message is hidden within the trailer
* Races: Much of FF11′s races are re-imagined for FF14 to keep players familiar with the avatars but also keep them new.
* Leveling: No experience points or level system. new system all together. Definite cut scenes and stories. Players are to grow naturally from their quests and stories.
* Job System: Expanding upon FF11′s job system. Weapons are the key and determine how you play. Swap weapons and play styles.
* Uematsu is doing all of the FF14 soundtrack.


^I do not own this information, got it from that site.

Also from what I've heard, you can also only be a specific class for 1 hour/day then you gain 0 exp for that class, so you must switch to a different class or wait until the next day, for Square Enix's sake I hope that isn't true or they change it. Just think paying $15/month to play a game where you are restricted to how long you play a class.

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Final Fantasy XIV
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