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 Roode Speaks On TNA Title Run, Responsibilities and More

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PostSubject: Roode Speaks On TNA Title Run, Responsibilities and More   Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:17 am

On his recent character change and how much he was involved with it:

"I was involved a little bit you know, but at the end of the day it
wasn't my call. But I was happy with it. I was very comfortable and
confident in my role and in my character that you see on TV, and I've
kind of made it my own. The whole "It Factor" and the "Selfish
Generation" thing was all me. That wasn't written for me, that wasn't
produced in any way. I wasn't told to say it. It was just something that
rolled off my tongue and made it feel like part of the character and
part of the persona I carry. I think it's elevated me to a different
level and every week I seem more and more comfortable."

On the responsibilities that come with being TNA World Champion:

"There's a lot of other responsibilities you know, other than going out
and performing every night on television or pay-per-view. It's the
travel. I mean, literally, I've been doing media appearances off and on
for the last seven months, travelling overseas, promoting our upcoming
tour in January. I got an opportunity to go to L.A. and do red carpet
stuff for 'Spike TV' and 'MTV,' so a lot of cool things and a lot of
different things, but there's a lot of responsibilities. But I knew
getting into it that was going to be asked of me. Kurt Angle was that
guy for a couple of years when he first got to the company and had to do
all this stuff. He pulled me to the side and told me what to expect. He
wasn't far off. It's been a busy time, but it's been a lot of fun and a
great learning experience as well."

On his timing of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion:

"I think the timing is right. There was a time where we split up from
Team Canada (in 2006) and I went on my own for a little while and people
thought I deserved an opportunity then, but I think in hindsight it was
best to wait. I think without the 'Beer Money' success I don't think
I'd be where I'm at right now, so I think everything along the way
happened for a reason and I'm very comfortable where I'm at right now."

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Roode Speaks On TNA Title Run, Responsibilities and More
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