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 Jerry Lawler Talks Who Is WWE's Next Big Star & More

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PostSubject: Jerry Lawler Talks Who Is WWE's Next Big Star & More   Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:08 am

Here are some highlights from the interview by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler

Vince has done some outrageous things over the years. What shocked you the most?

The fun thing for me, is even though I’ve been in this business
for forty years, I’m still a big fan of wrestling. I have the pleasure
of having the best seat in the house every week. Some of my fondest
memories are of the feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and
Vince McMahon. You never knew what to expect. Every single week
something shocking happened, like when Stone Cold poured cement in
Vince’s Corvette. My most fond memories of WWE involve Vince McMahon.
He never ceases to entertain and shock.

How did the transition from wrestler to commentary come about?

My whole life it was my dream to be a wrestler, and I’ve
been able to fulfill that dream for 40 years. When I first started in
WWE I was fortunate enough to have big rivalries with Bret Hart, and Roddy Piper. My big opportunity on commentary came when Macho Man Randy Savage unexpectedly jumped ship to WCW.
Vince came to me and asked if I would like to work with him on
commentary for the night and they would find someone else for the next
week. Well, 19 years later and I’m still doing it every week! I still
love wrestling and I never know when I will get the call to wrestle on
Raw. A few weeks ago I fought Daniel Bryan, and if I had won I would
have gotten a shot at the WWE championship from CM Punk. I do still
wrestle outside of WWE and I’m at the point where I can pick and choose
my spots. They are mostly independent shows and tend to be fundraisers
or for charity. It keeps my feet wet and keeps me in ring shape. I want
to get another match at Wrestlemania under my belt before I retire.

Which young and up and coming superstar do you think is impressive and has the most potential to become a huge star?

Guys come along and are impressive for different reasons, and
sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ll be honest and say when I heard
of the idea they had for Brodus Clay and the build up they
were going to give him, I said he’ll be OK but he wont catch on. But
boy was I wrong. He’s popular and kids love him and want to dance with
him every week. Another guy s Mason Ryan. He has all the
tools, he’s a great physical specimen, and has charisma. We haven’t seen
a lot of him lately but I expect him to be a big superstar of the

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Jerry Lawler Talks Who Is WWE's Next Big Star & More
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