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 FIA ban Red Bull holes..(Formula 1 Racing)

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PostSubject: FIA ban Red Bull holes..(Formula 1 Racing)   Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:17 am

Red Bull will be forced to change the design of
the RB8 for the Canadian Grand Prix after the FIA ruled that the holes
in its floor are illegal.

There had been rumours that a protest against the device, which is
situated just ahead of the rear tyres and improves aerodynamic
performance, would be lodged by some of the other teams at the Monaco
Grand Prix.
In the event the race, which was won by
Red Bull's Mark Webber, passed off without incident but the FIA has now
issued a technical directive informing the team that the holes will no
longer be allowed.

Sky Sports F1 expert Ted Kravitz explained the process that
led Formula 1's governing body to declare that the design of the car
must be changed.

"They (the FIA) have said that Red Bull's interpretation of the rule was, at best, optimistic," Kravitz told Sky Sports.

"Red Bull have said that because there isn't an overt rule saying
that they can't put a hole in there, they (are allowed to) put a hole in

"There is a rule that says you can't put a hole in another part of
the car but because they hadn't specified that part, they said that
their interpretation was fine.

"The other teams said, 'this isn't right, you're trying it on a
little'. Red Bull said, 'show us the area of the rulebook where it says
explicitly that we're not allowed to do that'.

"That's why they FIA have clamped down on it and put a little clarification out saying, 'you can't do this'."

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FIA ban Red Bull holes..(Formula 1 Racing)
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