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 Stars Comment on Y2J Flag Incident

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PostSubject: Stars Comment on Y2J Flag Incident   Sat May 26, 2012 5:55 am

Lance Storm:"Thoughts on Jericho He didn't do anything
that hasn't been done a million times in wrestling. Wrong place &
times change."

Shawn Michaels: "Wow, waking up to find twitter blaming me
for an apparent suspension of Jericho. Seems to me I'd blame the
horrific PC world we've allowed ourselves to be caught up in where you
can't "act" & have it called "acting." BS!! I'll stand behind Jericho any day of the week & twice on Sunday...what's the big
"E" stand for in WWE anyway!!. I honestly don't see how many of you make
it w/that much anger in your life...seems exhausting & a colossal
waste of time!! See, that's all I've got & I'm already tired!! Time
to workout & hit my day. Y'all have a wonderful day!! :-)

Had a nice txt'ing convo w/Jericho and as always, he's handling things well. Just wanted to lend him some support!! :-)"

Jim Ross:He was playing the part of a wrestling villain in an entertainment based entity.

It's not like he was at a sporting event like soccer and
disrespected the flag, but rules are rules and they have strict rules
regarding the flag in their company... He's playing a character, did an
ad lib, and unfortunately he stepped over the line for the local
culture, so he's been suspended indefinitely and hopefully it will work

JBL:After seeing reports of Chris Jericho in Brazil-it was what I
suspected--Chris trying to entertain and be a heel. Apparently a
Brazilian Flag comes into ring and Chris grabs it and kicks it (or
something to that effect). Compare that to Sgt Slaughter burning the
flag or all the crazy stuff that has gone on. This is nothing. EXCEPT we
are in a new era and now that isn't acceptable.

Chris did what most old heels would
have done, he reacted and a decade ago it would have been loved for the
heat. However, times change and we have to as well-Chris acknowledged
this and apologized. Chris is a wonderful person and one of all time
great entertainers-there was no malice here from what I see and know
about Chris. A mistake was made and is being dealt with.

As far as being illegal, please, if done in an entertaining arena it
is considered as such. Like saying you can prosecute Anthony Hopkins for
cannibalism because of his role in 'Silence of the Lambs'. I understand
the arguements, I went through same thing in Germany and it was never
considered a problem in Germany-only over the Internet and the Internet
reporters. Chris' intent was to entertain not insult anyone in Brazil or
the great Brazilian fans.

Times change and for the better. Chris did what a ton of older heels
would have done and he reacted. He is being punished and he apologized.
He is one of all time greats and a great friend, old habits are hard to
change but we must.

Times change and we have to change with it, and we all will.

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Stars Comment on Y2J Flag Incident
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