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 TNA Files Lawsuit Against WWE Over Leaked Info, Flair Involved

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PostSubject: TNA Files Lawsuit Against WWE Over Leaked Info, Flair Involved   Sat May 26, 2012 5:49 am

TNA is filling a lawsuit against WWE and a former employee who worked for both companies, over leaked contractual information.
The lawsuit alleges that Brian Wittenstein, who worked for TNA from
2008-2011, leaked contractual information to WWE when he then went to
work for them briefly in 2012. The report notes:

"This wrongful disclosure and misappropriation allows WWE to
effectively price TNA out of the market and cause irreparable harm to
TNA’s business and profitability,” the lawsuit reads. "WWE now knows the
confidential details of TNA’s business affairs including its marketing
and business strategy and analysis, which leaves TNA vulnerable to WWE’s
unfair position in the market. An injunction issued on Tuesday demands
that WWE and Wittenstein return any confidential information he gathered
during his three-year TNA employment."

The report also notes that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair attempted to
terminate his TNA contract and did not show up for scheduled dates in
May, and that the timing of this seems "suspect" as WWE allegedly waited
three weeks to share the information with TNA of Wittenstein's actions
and subsequent dismissal. You can read much more by clicking on the
above link, however it's worth noting that this current litigation could
prevent Flair or other former TNA stars from signing with WWE until the
suit has been settled.

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TNA Files Lawsuit Against WWE Over Leaked Info, Flair Involved
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