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 Fire breaks out at Williams..(Formula 1 Racing)

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PostSubject: Fire breaks out at Williams..(Formula 1 Racing)   Mon May 14, 2012 3:09 am

As many as four Formula 1 personnel have been
taken to the circuit medical centre, or local hospital in Barcelona, for
medical checks after a major fire broke out in the Williams garage late
on Sunday afternoon at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Sky Sports F1's Ted Kravitz, standing in the pit lane at the time
of the fire, reported that he saw a "huge ploom of orange flame" erupt
from behind the divider in the Williams garage, where the team had
congregated to celebrate Pastor Maldonado's earlier victory in the race.

The team members were then seen evacuating into the pit lane as huge
plooms of dark smoke began billowing out of the garage and up the pit
lane. Mechanics from other teams went in to help put out the flames with
the fire put out within several minutes.

Although there is no confirmation over whether any injuries were
sustained Sky Sports F1 understands that all team members are accounted
for, with those in need of further treatment taken to either the circuit
medical centre or airlifted to local hospital.

Ted Kravitz said: "I saw the fire take hold and it just absolutely
erupted. We were talking to Alex Wurz at the time and we were just
having a look [into the garage] and suddenly I saw this wall of flame
erupt from behind the Williams garage divider.

"It looked to be in the area where they store things like fuel and
oil and gearboxes and computers and there will be an immense amount of
damage to a lot of equipment."

Ted added: "Frank [Williams] was wheeled out very quickly, I saw it myself over my shoulder.

"I'm pleased to see I haven't seen any ambulances going to the aid of
any people. I'm not saying there are not causalities because we just
don't know that at the moment. There are a lot of Williams people who
have inhaled smoke."

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Psikyo Fox
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PostSubject: Re: Fire breaks out at Williams..(Formula 1 Racing)   Mon May 14, 2012 12:35 pm

Sounds like an insurance job to me, as the fires timing was perfect....

Rinse the insurance company for equipment damages, but make sure your cars are safe for the next race.

Also, make sure the whole thing is caught on camera so you have the perfect alibi, covering your back just incase there are any awkward questions later.

Thats exactly what id do too.
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Fire breaks out at Williams..(Formula 1 Racing)
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