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 Brock Lesnar Has Big Blow Up Backstage After PPV

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PostSubject: Brock Lesnar Has Big Blow Up Backstage After PPV   Wed May 02, 2012 5:50 am

Lesnar was reporedly told leading up to the WWE Extreme Rules event
that the plan for the pay-per-view was going to see Cena leaving on a
stretcher, totally incapacitated and injued off television at the hands
of Lesnar. Obviously, this didn't happen. Cena went over in the match,
made a speech and walked out on his own power.

Backstage Lesnar apparently made a huge scene as he was upset at Cena's
post-match speech. He felt WWE officials had double crossed him to make
Cena look good and Lesnar weak. According to reports Lesnar was tearing
things up and flipped out on Marc Carano who is the assistant to John
Laurinaitis. Lesnar went on about how things were a mess in WWE.

There is speculation that some or all of Lesnar's backstage tantrum was
orchestrated by Lesnar and top WWE officials to work the rest of the
roster. There is also speculation according to the report that Lesnar
causing a scene backstage was mostly his way of letting everyone know he
isn't afraid to quit and doesn't need WWE. Some feeling Lesnar really
didn't care as much about the change in booking but wanted to show off
his situation of not needing to be there.

Reports also say Lesnar suggested Cena pulled the top rope down when he
was standing on the apron which caused Lesnar to fall out of the ring
and almost blowing his knee on that spot during their match.

Where Lesnar goes next in storylines is up in the air in WWE which is
why Lesnar had the walk out moment on RAW last night to help buy some
time and figure out what to do next.

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PostSubject: Re: Brock Lesnar Has Big Blow Up Backstage After PPV   Tue May 08, 2012 12:36 am

Persoanly i think he should just leave...he looks like shit anyways and doesnt seem to remember how to wrestle only do holds

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Brock Lesnar Has Big Blow Up Backstage After PPV
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