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 MAME tips from the Fox: Creating custom folders!

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Psikyo Fox
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PostSubject: MAME tips from the Fox: Creating custom folders!    Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:18 am

If you have a lot of games in your MAME emulator, it can be frustrating to find the exact game you are looking for!
So why not make life a little easier by creating custom folders?!

Here is how to do just that! ...

1. If you are using a GUI version of the emulator (like MAMEUI or MAMEUIFX), you will see a "folders" folder in the same area as your MAME.exe
If not, just create one now.

2. Enter the "folders" folder and create a new text document inside it...

3. Now type the following text:

RootFolderIcon golden
SubFolderIcon golden

4. Save the document calling it whatever you want, but change the file extension to .ini (favourites.ini for example)

5. Now start your MAME emulator and go to your "Available Games" list, right-click on any game you want and add it to your custom folder ... job done! :)

NOTE: If you want to use a different icon for any folder, just replace "golden" for another name when creating the text file and it should work fine.
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MAME tips from the Fox: Creating custom folders!
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